Automated Dilution

For paper machines that require dilute dyes for control, Chroma Logic's automated dilution system will save man-hours and improve quality compared to any other dilution method.


Eliminate bulky make-down and run-tanks, and all the associated hardware that goes with them. Our diluters use one small tank to prepare precise batches of dilute dye on-demand, during production while dye is continuously metered to the process.


Set it up and forget about it...


Once our diluters are configured there's nothing left to do but maintain the bulk supply of dye.

  • Exceptional metering precision for even the lowest continuous dye flows.

  • Prepares very precise micro-batches of dilute dye while dye is metered to the process.

  • Once setup, the system is fully automated.

  • Eliminates the man-hours to prepare, and the color variability caused by manual dilution. 

  • Ultra-compact stations require minimal floor space.

  • Configurations for dedicated dyes - when dye and make-down concentration is always the same.

  • Configurations for dyes and concentrations that change frequently.  

System Features:

Automated Dilution




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