Basic Color Systems

Chroma Logic's pre-engineered metering stations are readily assembled and adapted to meet the demands of any paper machine's basic color system.


Fully automated and simple to use. These systems can be relied on to manage your color process from the DCS, and alarm when attention is needed.


For older color systems that are a routine source of downtime, Chroma Logic has a trouble-free solution that allows you to focus attention elsewhere.

Our multiple configurations and customizable designs ensure Chroma Logic can provide an optimized system for each application.


We have extensive experience metering colorants with demanding physical properties including basic dye chemistries and pigments - with proven solutions that keep our systems running with fewer man-hours, no downtime, and minimal maintenance.


Chroma Logic uses precision Watson-Marlow peristaltic pumps. 


Multiple pump models are available to match process demands and flow range.




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