Metering Station & Containment Pallet

Stand-alone IBC containment metering station that has everything needed to store, manage, and automate flow control for a single additive. 


All that's left to do is change the IBC supply. 



  • Complete stand-alone metering solution for a single additive PLUS containment. 

  • Automated control from mill DCS with standard industrial control signals.

  • On-board vented run-tank with chemical reserve volume for IBC exchanges w/o process interruption. 

  • Level sensing and alarming provide advanced warning of IBC exchanges.

  • Hours of run-time after supply is empty and alarm has triggered to change IBC's.

  • Primary & secondary precision metering pumps.

  • Pump inlet/outlet selector panel with built-in pump priming and flushing capability.

  • Optional intelligence features for flow sensing, recirculation and more.


Chroma Logic uses precision Watson-Marlow peristaltic pumps. 


Multiple pump models are available to match process demands and flow range.


IBC Smart Stand-CP

IBC Smart Stand plus Containment Pallet
  • Elevated IBC Storage.

  • Vented run-tank with reserve volume.

  • Level sensing and alarming at DCS.

  • Full or partial containment.

  • Connects to existing metering equipment.

Alternate Configurations

Chroma Logic has additional skid configurations which offer both metering and containment.  If you need a specific solution, we'll find an answer.




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