Deep Color Systems

Chroma Logic's deep color systems manage the broadest range of finished paper colors. Equipped to meter a multitude of colorants over enormous flow ranges, including dyes and fixatives of incompatible chemistries, to multiple addition points simultaneously.



System Features:
  • Faster grade changes - engineered for speed, simplicity, and ease of use.

  • Mutiple pump models offer precision dye flows up to 11,000 ccpm.

  • Simultaneous dye addition to thin-stock for responsive control and to thick-stock for optimal retention.

  • Advance setup w/o tools in the fewest possible steps.

  • Ultra-stable carrier water systems tuned to each process for the fastest color response time.

  • Quick recovery backup for every key component - never lose machine time for service.

  • Unmatched flexibility - use any pump to control any dye to any addition point.

  • Quick grade change set up. 

  • Simple to operate and maintain.

  • Ultra-compact footprint.


Chroma Logic uses precision Watson-Marlow peristaltic pumps. 


Multiple pump models are available to match process demands and flow range.




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