Tech & Specs

Chroma Logic has thoroughly tested and proven the components chosen for our process equipment. If you have an application that requires a different component, let us know - we can adapt our equipment to meet your needs.


Watson-Marlow Pumps

Chroma Logic standard equipment uses Watson-Marlow peristaltic metering pumps. Depending on the application, our skids generally employ the Qdos and 520 series - with specific configurations selected for their control features and metering precision.


Other pump types / brands are available on request for applications that require a different flow range, viscosity, discharge pressure or budget.

Power & Control

All Chroma Logic enclosures are stainless steel and built to IP66 / NEMA4X standards for full wash-down compatibility. Every pump and sensor is pre-wired for power and control to this central enclosure via Euro-cabling and watertight power connections. Any skid can be controlled manually or remotely from a DCS using standard industrial control signals.


Power & Signal Standards


Mains Power:     110V / 60hz / 1ph

                           240V / 50hz / 1ph


Digital Signals:  24vdc or Relay Contact


Analog Signals: 4-20ma


Industrial ethernet capability is standard.




Every Chroma Logic skid is engineered for ease of installation and use. All systems are turn-key; arriving fully assembled and tested before shipping. Customer electrical and mechanical connections (measurement and pipe thread standards) can vary slightly with country of purchase, but generally include: a single 3/4" water, 1.5" sewer, four 9/16" bolts to floor, power and control wiring to single point contact relays within our IP66 enclosure, and a plumbing connection to the addition point.


Powder Coating

Chroma Logic skids are now available in powder coated steel. Individual skid components that are in routine contact with fluids are fabricated from 304 stainless steel (with other alloys available on request). This combination allows us to provide quality industrial equipment with finishes that last.


Fabricated steel panels are a minimum thickness of 11 gauge. Structural members and weldments are chosen to provide a minimum 2X load safety factor.



Stainless Steel

For demanding environments / applications, Chroma Logic continues to offer all of its skids in stainless steel.  


Fabricated stainless steel panels are a minimum thickness of 11 gauge. Structural members and weldments are chosen to provide a minimum 2X load safety factor. Tank internals are available in a high polish finish. Frames and external structures are DA finished.


Certifications / Compliance

Chroma Logic equipment is built to comply with those standards and certifications our customers require. If there's something specific you need, just ask.




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